Can you believe that we’re basically at the close of another year? Seems like to was (literally) just yesterday when we were sharing some of our favorite wedding trends for 2018 and now—2019 is already upon us.

These trends? We think you’re really going to like them. They’re a combo of something classic, something outside-of-the-box and several things that are really affordable—all perfect reasons to pull out your wedding planner book so that you can jot a few of these absolutely wonderful trends down as soon as possible!

Sunday Wedding Days

a picture taken in the church pew--beautiful, and what you would hope to do the rest of your life as followers of Christ

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If you’re looking to save a few dollars (and by that, we mean several) on your venue, consider having a Sunday wedding. They’re cheaper (weddings are always more expensive on Saturday), they can be more informal (if that’s what you’d prefer) and, because most weddings take place on Fridays and Saturdays, you’ll actually have more venue options to choose from. Plus, it could make it more convenient for your guests to attend your nuptials since they probably don’t have a ton of Sunday wedding invitations at their house.

Low-Maintenance Hair and Headbands

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyle with Headband

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As far as bridal style goes, tons of runway models are wearing their hair in a low-maintenance look like a messy bun or even messy braid. And, rather than an over-the-top tiara, they are opting for a simple satin or beaded headband. (Even if you don’t want to try this look, it could be perfect for your bridal party!)

Mix-N-Match Wedding Attire

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The groomsmen. 2019 is all about ditching the formal “toy soldier” look and going with a mix-and-match style instead. If you’re hesitant because you think it might lean on the side of tacky, remember that everyone can wear the same suit but accessorize differently or everyone can wear the same color but while one groomsman has on a yellow tie, another can have a yellow pocket square. Coming up with different combos can actually be a lot of fun!


Perfectly Plum Tutu Dress 1824m 2t 3t or 4t by littledreamersinc, $70.00

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What’s the color that encapsulates 2019? Purple. The deeper, the better too! Since purple represents royalty, wealth, wisdom, peace and creativity, we’re all for you carrying a bouquet of African violets, China Asters, Dwarf Irises, Purple Cala Lillys (or any other purple flower on this list). It could also be a gorgeous color of your wedding party or décor at your reception.

“No Cell Phone” Rule

Photographer Thomas Stewart Rants About No Technology at Wedding Photos (With Tags)

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This is a trend that, personally, we think should be a wedding ceremony rule. Even if your guests are using their phone to capture wedding pictures, let’s be honest—cell phones are distractions and if there is a time when all of the attention should be on you, it should be while you’re saying, “I do”. How do you get the message to your guests that cell phones are a no-no? A message in your invites and/or on your wedding website, as well as listed in the wedding program should work.


6 Standout Wedding Trends of 2015 We Want to See Again - drone photography

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Thank goodness for drones! They are what takes wedding photography to an entire—pardon the pun—higher level. If you’d like to have a couple of them present at your wedding but you’re worried about the cost, don’t be. Typically, the average around $150-200 an hour (and your photographer probably won’t need to use them for much longer than that).

Interactive Drink Bars

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Signature drinks are sweet. In 2019, there’s a spin that’s put on this concept, thanks to interactive bar stations. What exactly are those? They are stations where you provide different kinds of liquor (or an assortment of non-alcoholic drinks) so that your guests can create their own “signature” cocktail. (Pretty cool, right?)

Lucite Reception Décor

39 Acrylic And Lucite Wedding Decor Ideas | #PinoftheDay #acrylic #lucite #wedding #decor #ideas #WeddingDecor

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Even if you’re not familiar with the word “lucite”, you’ve seen it before. It’s clear acrylic—and yes, it’s a really big décor trend for 2019. If you’re thinking that it looks cheap, spend some time on Pinterest to see all of the different ways it can be used (just put “lucite” and “wedding” into the search field). You can go “extreme” with some lucite chairs, you can accent your table with place markers that are made from lucite or the vases for your centerpieces can be made out of lucite too.

Small Plates/More Food Options

From Food Network 'Wedding Food Takes Centre Stage' June 21, 2012. A really interesting article about how to incorporate different food 'activities' and styles into your wedding. These mini lobster blts look fantastic.

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2018 was all about the food station. 2019 is more about offering lots and lots of appetizers! Yes, this ultimately means your guests will need smaller plates. But the “win” is that they can get their hands on a wider variety of food options (which is usually a fan-favorite since not everyone likes the same things).

Mini Wedding Cakes

21 Cutest Mini Wedding Cakes Ever - MODwedding

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How cute are these? Rather than the potential messiness of having to cut up countless pieces of cake, evoke “ooos” and “awhs” from your guests by serving mini-cakes at your reception instead. Or, if you’d prefer to still go the traditional wedding cake route, you could give away mini-wedding cakes as party favors. Either way, it’s an absolutely adorable way to end a 2019 wedding!