Wedding days are wonderful because it’s a special time when you can express your love and commitment, not just to your significant other but in the presence of loved ones and friends. Out of all of the days that the two of you will remember, your wedding day will top the list. But we also really like honeymoons because once all of the guests are gone, you then have exclusive time to get away, alone, for some one-on-one intimacy and quality moments.

Although most couples have a honeymoon, unfortunately only 1 in 4 end up having the one of their dreams—usually it’s because they can’t afford it.

These days, there are plenty of articles that advise replacing your wedding registry with a honeymoon fund. If you don’t want to do that, you can put up a money tree at your reception or extend your honeymoon travel date until you can save up some money to go to where you really want (a great way to save is to get a jar for your bedroom. Be intentional about putting money into it every time you and your spouse are intimate; it’s a “fun and free” way to get the cash you need in order to travel).

Then, once you have enough money to go where you want, you can use on of the following honeymoon trends for 2018; you can even combine a couple of ‘em if you’d like to create the ultimate honeymoon experience!

Glamping/Pop-Up Pods

i dont normally do camping but i could do this vibe ........... best referred to as Glamping!

Image via Simona Ganea

Some people call it glamping, others call it a “pop-up pod”. What is that exacting? It’s like going camping but four-star style. Imagine spending days and nights in the middle of nowhere either in a next-level treehouse or a super-tent that’s complete with central air, a chef and all of the accommodations of a hotel, only much more secluded. By far, glamping is one of our favorite honeymoon trends!

“Minimalist” Trip

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Image via Dezeen

The entire minimalism movement is about reminding us all that less is (usually) more. But don’t think that just because this kind of honeymoon has the word “minimal” in it that you can’t have a really great time. Take the Null Stern Hotel (located in the Swiss Alps), for example. It’s got all of the features that you need to enjoy a romantic time together without the “extras” that you don’t really need (and will probably be too cozied up to even use!).

Road Trip

It's that time again. I'm thinking about going on another adventure...

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Are the two of you the spontaneous type? Nothing says “Let’s just ride it out and see what happens” more than taking a road trip together! In many ways, it can serve as one of the mottos for your marriage because that’s a lot of what being married is all about—riding things out together and seeing what life brings along the way.

Beach Vacation

Curtain Bluff, Antigua This all-inclusive luxury resort located between two beautiful beaches makes enjoying your honeymoon easy with all activities and meals included in one rate. Don’t miss: The weekly wine tasting classes featuring one of finest wine collections in the Caribbean with over 25,000 bottles.

Image via Travel & Outdoors Destinations

A classic that has made the honeymoon trend list is taking a beach vacation. Except rather than going someplace expected like Florida or even Hawaii, how about a more exotic experience like COMO Cocoa Island in the Maldives? It’s a private island that you’ll immediately fall in love with. Just make sure to totally unplug (Wi-Fi and all) in order to get the full “private” experience.

Ride the Train

Denver, Colorado

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Days of uninterrupted intimacy are really nice. So is having the time to just sit and talk for hours and hours without any interruptions. What better way to do this than to take a cross-country train ride together. You can get a couple of one-way tickets with your destination being a place neither of you have ever been before, then fly back home whenever you’re ready.

Philanthropy Adventure

love. I want to go on a missionary trip sometime

Image via J-Life Africa

The only thing more beautiful than love is selflessness. In fact, when you really stop and think about it, the two things are basically one in the same. If you and yours have a real heart for charity work, turn a part of your honeymoon into a philanthropy adventure. This can really be a lot of heartwarming fun if you decide to do the work overseas. You’ll be giving back to others which will only make your love for one another grow. What a beautiful way to begin your lives together.