Really. Could there be anything more romantic than a couple who decides to run off and elope? The only thing we can think that tops it is a couple who desires to do it on New Year’s Eve (NYE)!

If it’s something that you and yours have been secretly thinking about doing but you’re not completely sure how to pull it off, no worries. We’ve provided you with 10 tips for a January 31 elopement (or small wedding) that will be beautiful, memorable and full of romance, glitter and fun!

Opt for Earlier in the Day (or Have a Big Reception)

Impossibly romantic wedding ceremony set-up with twinkle lights and floating candles | J. Messer Photography

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If you want to invite a few people to your wedding but you’re torn because you don’t want to encroach on New Year’s Eve plans that they might already have, there are two approaches you can take. You can either hold your ceremony earlier that day so that they will have their evening free. Or, you can have a private wedding and turn your reception into a New Year’s Eve party; the kind that will make your friends and family feel like there’s no better place or way to be to ring in the new year!

Rent a Vacation House

The Best Airbnb Fall and Winter Cabin Rentals in the U.S. in 2017 - Verily

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Booking a venue during the holiday season is oftentimes a huge challenge. One way around this kind of wedding-planning hump is to avoid booking a church or traditional wedding venue. Instead, rent out a vacation house. That way, should you decide to have guests, everyone can stay there the day before (and possibly the day after) the wedding. Or, if you do elope, you and your beloved can get married and have a romantic staycation at the same location.

Budget (More) for Transportation

Wedding Chalkboard Sign - I need to remember to have some kind of transportation set up for guests who can't get around very well.

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Probably the biggest potential frustration that comes with planning a wedding during the winter season is trying to work around unpredictable weather. If you want to keep people from running the risk of getting to your ceremony really late (due to rain, sleet and snow), consider budgeting for additional transportation. Maybe you can have a shuttle available to take them from your wedding venue to your reception or you can work with Uber or Lyft to offer discounts on people who may be too intoxicated to drive following your wedding festivities.

Get a Friend to Become an “Online Officiant”

Introduction to the Exchange of Wedding Vows

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Sometimes it can also be hard to find an officiant who doesn’t already have their own NYE plans. One way around this is to ask a friend to officiate your wedding. If they’re not a minister (or judge), they can get ordained online. For steps on how they can do that, click here.

Send Invites Online


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If you want to surprise people in the week between Christmas and New Year’s with your wedding and reception plans, forego paper invites and send them an online invitation instead. It’s cheaper, it’s quicker and since it’s paperless, it’s better for the environment too. Plus, there are several apps that easily rival traditional invites.

Have Lots of Champagne on Tap

No New Year's Eve wedding wouldn't be complete without champagne. I love this champagne tower. Makes quite a statement.

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Couples who get married before the stroke of midnight of a new year have a lot to celebrate! That said, make sure that you keep the champagne flowing at your wedding reception. If you’re wondering how you can find some on a budget, a great read is “10 Champagnes and Sparkling Wines Worth Celebrating”.

Serve “Good Luck Cuisine”

Cornbread Stuffing with Sausage and Collard Greens

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There are foods that, according to various legends, cultures and traditions, symbolize good luck. Some of them include collard greens and cornbread, noodles, pinto beans, cabbage, pork, grapes, fish, pomegranates and bundt cake. Even if you don’t decide to make these as your feature entrée dishes, at least have a couple available at a buffet table so that you can keep in line with the NYW tradition.

Have Lots of Glitter

Monogram cake toppers Swarovski crystal monogram by panachebride, $184.00

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If there’s a signature color for NYE, it would have to be glitter! Some couples incorporate it with the bride wearing a sequined wedding gown (or her bridesmaids doing it). Others opt for décor with lots of glitter. But if you’re someone who wants to add just a touch or two here and there, we’re a big fan glitter wedding cakes (look at how beautiful this one is!).

Do Something BIG at Midnight

Tips & tricks for writing with wedding sparklers!

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How awesome would it be to have your own ball drop at the stroke of 12 or to have sparklers on tap so that you and your guests can write with light in the midnight sky? When it comes to coming up with something extra-memorable to do to ring in the New Year, the sky really is the limit. Just make sure it’s big. VERY BIG!

Leave for Your Honeymoon Later in the Week

Date night- indoor picnic. Made by me and only me

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Did you know that close to half of couples don’t have sex on their wedding night? Although there are several reasons why, some that top the list include being too intoxicated, being too tired or knowing that they have a flight to catch the next day.

Take the pressure off of yourself by scheduling your honeymoon for January 2 or 3. That gives you plenty of time to rest, relax and ring in the year in your own special way (if you know what we mean).

Happy (Almost) 2019!