Every bride dreams of having the kind of wedding day that no one will ever forget. One way to ensure that happens is to plan your day in such a way that it incorporates certain unique touches that are nothing short of incomparable.

Whether you’ve always dreamed of having a traditional wedding or tradition is the furthest thing from your mind, we’ve got several “atypical” wedding trends that we think you’ll fall in love with. Not just because they’re not what you typically see at wedding ceremonies, but also because they each have a special way of making your wedding day sweet, sentimental and really exclusive too.

“Flexible” Schedules

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How do you possibly pull off having a flexible wedding schedule? It’s not so much about how the day itself runs; it’s more about being open to not getting married on the traditional Saturday or Sunday. Although it can be more convenient to get married on the weekend (which is why most people do it), opting for a different day (even if it’s a Friday) can save you quite a few dollars on your venue; sometimes as much as 30-35 percent. Plus, if you’re planning on getting married over the summer or holidays, your guests will probably have a few vacation days off which makes it easier for them to attend a Monday or Wednesday event.

Pre-Wedding Cocktails

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Sometimes, it’s not just the bride and groom who are a little anxious in the moments leading up to the ceremony. One way to keep your family members and everyone else calm and relaxed is to host a cocktail hour before your wedding. It’s a different approach to serving drinks. It’s also a(nother) cool way to motivate your guests to show up on time!

Real Time Slideshows

im obsessed with slideshows. Definitely doing one at my wedding. old and new pictures of the bride and groom!

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While we’re still huge fans (and encouragers) of hiring a professional photographer (and videographer) for your wedding, when it comes to capturing candids, don’t underestimate the combination of your guests and their smartphones. These days, what some couples are opting for is foregoing the standard photo booths and instead asking guests to take pictures all throughout the day. Then, during the reception, they load the shots up to their livestream and show all of the pics to their guests. It’s a visual feature that’s filled with surprises for the bride, groom and everyone else too.

Phoneless Ceremonies

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Yes, smartphones are a good thing. At the same time, there’s a time and place for everything. That said, if you’d prefer to have the kind of ceremony where your guests remain in their seats instead of spending most to the time walking around, pointing and clicking, encourage them to “unplug” by putting a message on your wedding ceremony programs that you’d prefer for all phones to be set to “silent” or “vibrate” until the service is over.

(Temporary) Tattoos

Couples tattoo Wrist tattoo King and queen More

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You might not’ve ever thought of getting a tattoo, especially in time for your wedding day. But guess what’s trending? Yep, a little love ink! There is something bold—and romantic—about permanently commemorating the day on your body. You can do something subtle like what Beyonce’ and Jay Z did (with the Roman numeral four on their ring fingers). You can have a henna tattoo designed on your feet. Or, you can get a temporary tattoo put on your body—someplace where everyone can see or only appropriate for personal viewing on your wedding night or honeymoon.

Double Pianos

How sweet!

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How exactly do two pianos fit into a wedding day? It’s actually a better fit for your reception. Think of it as being the 2.0 wedding version of musical chairs. What happens is there are two pianos (and pianists) either on a stage or opposite sides of your reception dance floor. Each piano player takes turns playing requests from the guests to see who can get the best reaction. If you literally pull out some chairs onto the dance floor, it can become a night that is fast-paced and a ton of fun for all ages. What a great way to end a wonderfully atypical wedding day!