It’s almost that time. Time for one of the most beautiful seasons to say “I do”—autumn. If you plan on getting married outdoors, the temperature and scenery are breathtaking. Not only that but there are so many details that come with fall that will help to make your wedding uber-romantic and special.

Some of them include trends that technically are a part of 2019. But why wait?

As you’re working alongside your wedding planner to make sure that your day is better than perfect, here are some trends that, when it comes to throwing an autumn wedding, just can’t wait.

A Rustic Theme

If you're keen on having real flowers, try using baby's breath. | 11 Ways To Make Your Wedding More Beautiful On A Budget #wedding #diy #flowers

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As far as themes go, what you’ll be seeing a lot of next year are rustic weddings. If you’re wondering what that means, basically it’s weddings (and receptions) that transpire outdoors and incorporate a lot of wood (and sometimes country-like items) into the décor. If you’re putting together an eco-themed wedding, rustic is a wonderful complement.

The Color Green

Getting married at library a vintage-themed wedding might be right for youconsider Emerald and Gold Wedding Colour :We suggest a colour scheme of enchantin

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Just like Pantone has a Color of the Year, so do weddings. In 2019, you’re going to see lots of green and as you can see from this picture, there are all sorts of hues and fun ways to make it a part of your special day—whether you want green on top of green or just a pop of it (like emerald green wedding shoes!).


I don't care if this is for a) a dude b) a wedding. I am just going to start filling my pockets with feathers and wearing boutonnieres.

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A couple of years ago, feathers were a popular wedding dress trend. Now it’s a part of the décor. Some people will use them to line their wedding aisles, as a part of their bridal bouquets and/or as the focal point of their centerpieces. We especially like the way they are showcased in this picture—colored feathers as the groomsmen’s boutonniere. Classy and trendy, all in one.


Perfect for an outdoor wedding! Blankets with cute sayings to keep your guests cozy as the sun goes down!

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If there is a potential “downside” about fall weddings is how unpredictable certain things can be. Take the temperature, for example. One day it might be comfortably warm, the next unseasonably cool. If you are planning on getting married towards the end of October or early November and you want to do it outdoors, be prepared. Have some blankets on hand for your guests to nix the chill. It’s another 2019 wedding trend that we absolutely adore.

Fairy Lights and Candles

If I ever had a "formal" dinner, and had a blank wall...this is totally a cool thing to do!! :) So elegant...and come on, who doesn't like lights?

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With autumn comes Daylight Savings Time (“fall back”, remember?). Since it will get darker sooner, take romance up a few notches by hanging a few fairy lights and also lighting some candles. As you can see with this shot, fairy lights are appropriate and beautiful just about anywhere. And candles? Maybe line the aisle you plan to walk down with them or use them as a part of your centerpieces. They will be an exquisite “fan favorite” either way.

Food and Drink Carts

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As far as your reception goes, how can you not fall in love with food and drink carts? Simply put, they are movable carts that caterers can move throughout your reception venue (think something similar to desserts that are served al-a-carte). Another trend that we really like are cocktail escort cards. What are those? Drinks that have your guests’ name and seating assignments on it. (Clever, right?)

Deconstructed Cakes

Deconstructed wedding cake, naked, rustic buttercream and gold fondant by the Handmade Cake Company

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Deconstructed cakes are back; cakes that aren’t high-tiered but “dismantled” with each layer displayed beside one another. Not only is it a cute way to have different decorations for each cake, but it’s a cool way to have different flavors too. If you want a white cake but your groom prefers chocolate, here’s an easy—and convenient—way to have both.

Welcome/Thank-You Boxes

A sweet way to welcome your guests! Wedding Welcome Boxes. #wedding #weddingplanning #weddingring #weddingdress #weddingday #weddingideas #weddingplanner #weddingstyle #weddingwelcomegifts #weddingwelcomebags #weddingwelcomebox

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Whether you’re looking for a great way to welcome your out-of-town/hotel guests as they’re coming to the city for your wedding or you want a fun and practical party favor idea to send your guests off right as your wedding reception comes to an end, you can’t go wrong with welcome/thank-you boxes. You can put everything from miniature toiletries and bottles of alcohol to stationery, tour info and snacks. It’s totally up to you.

Whatever you decide, what you can be certain of is you can’t go wrong by bringing a little bit of 2019 into 2018 by incorporating some of these trends into your wedding day!