Is there anything more romantic than a winter wonderland wedding? Sure, some wedding planners may try and tell you that between the inclement weather and trying to navigate through the holiday season, it’s something you should totally steer clear from. But actually, we couldn’t disagree more.

Since wintertime is considered to be the “off season” for weddings, you can usually get some pretty impressive discounts on venues and décor. And, so long as you take the possibility for rain, sleet and snow into account, Mother Nature doesn’t have to catch you off guard.

In other words, pulling off the perfect winter wedding is all about pre-planning and paying attention to every single detail. If you do that, you’ll have a beautiful and mesmerizing experience no one will ever be able to forget!

Put an Hour Earlier on Your Wedding Invitations

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You don’t want your wedding to start 1-2 hours late due to hazardous road conditions. One way to keep this from happening is to put an hour earlier on your invitations. That way, if your guests (or even your vendors) end up running a little late, indirectly, they’ll still be early.

Keep Everything in One Venue

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Speaking of bad weather, the way to reduce the risk of anyone getting stuck in the snow (or worse, having an accident) is by limiting their time out on the road. You can do this by making sure your wedding and reception are all at once place. (You can also do this by putting some salt down in the parking lot of where your venue is.)

Have “Warm ‘n Cozy” Pre-Ceremony “Cocktail” Hour

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What should you do for the guests who end up arriving according to the time on your invitation and end up having time to kill as a direct result? No problem. Host a pre-ceremony cocktail hour where they can have a mug of hot chocolate, hot apple cider and a donut or some coffee cake. It’ll make them happy that they arrived on time—even if it means waiting a little longer for your ceremony to begin.

Make Sure There’s a Coat Check Available

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You want your guests to be as comfortable as possible. That said, who wants to be lugging coats and scarves everywhere? Take this burden off of them by having a coat check at their disposal. They can drop their outwear off before the wedding and pick it back up once the reception is over.

And Some Umbrellas and Blankets for Your Guests

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Another cool idea is to have some umbrellas and blankets on-hand by the coat check. This is ideal if they have to walk outdoors to your reception and it’s rainy outside or if they feel a bit of a chill and would like to cover up their legs or arms. (It’s the kind of tip that will make your guests say “Wow. They thought about everything!”)

Use Lots of Holiday-Themed Scented (Soy) Candles

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Weddings are all about ambiance. One way to immediately whisk people away to their favorite memories of wintertime and the holiday season is to have plenty of (lit) candles around. Some scents they’ll enjoy are apple, cinnamon, pine, pumpkin spice, cedarwood, pear and vanilla. Just make sure that the candles are made out of soy. Not only are they better for the environment, but they help burn much longer too.

Use Some (but not too Many) Christmas Decorations

Such a fun guest book alternative, perfect for a winter wedding! Have your guests sign Christmas ornaments that you can hang on a special Christmas tree for years to come or fill large hurricane vases with for extra special Christmas decor!

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Whether you’re getting married in December or not, it’s always a nice touch to have a few Christmas decorations around. It could be anything from white twinkle lights and garland to a Christmas tree or two. The key is to be tasteful. You want people to feel like they are at a wedding, not a Christmas-themed shopping center.

Serve Lots of Comfort Food at Your Reception

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Something that is so awesome about winter-themed weddings is the kind of food you can serve up at your reception. Our suggestion? Go with some warm comfort foods. Create a soup station. Offer mini servings of grilled cheese and mac-n-cheese. Have fun with a potato bar, chili, bacon-wrapped scallops and chicken pot pies. And for dessert? How about some fruit cobblers and chocolate lava cake? Delicious.

Also Play Some Christmas Songs at Your Reception

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Just like you can go overboard with Christmas decorations, the same thing can apply when it comes to Christmas music. But if you play a little bit of Jackson 5 or Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas”, it’ll be sure to put smiles on your guests’ faces and encourage them to get—or stay—on the dance floor.

Give Christmas Ornaments as Wedding Favors

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It doesn’t matter if your wedding happens before or after December 25, something that everyone adores having is another Christmas ornament for their Christmas tree. Having one customized that has a quote about love, a favorite romantic Christmas song or some other special touch will remind them of your day—and also why they love Christmastime so much. It will be the perfect ending to a wonderful winter wedding day!