Can you believe we are not very far away from the autumn season? Before you know it, it’ll be Thanksgiving, then Christmas and then (wow!!!) Happy New Year 2018!

That’s why we didn’t think September was too early to talk about some of the wedding dress trends that are already making a mark on the fashion runways. If you’re a bride-to-be, you’re a self-professed fashion maven and you haven’t get found the wedding gown of your dreams, here are some of the trends that just might help to point you in the right direction.

70s Vintage 

THE JULIETTE GOWN | Vintage Wedding Dress | 1970s Bridal Gown | Seventies Style | Boho Wedding Dress | Lace | Long Sleeve | Train

Image via Etsy

Flower power. That’s what we think of when it comes to 70s fashion. But as you can see from this picture, there is something that is both innocent and sexy about this particular look. If you decide to go all out with a floral wreath and all, this is the perfect look for an outdoor spring wedding.

Dresses with Black Trim

I am in love with the black detailing on this dress! I want, I want, I want.

Image via Wedding Bee

If you LOVE the color black, but even you think that wearing an all-black dress is a bit much, you’re in luck. White wedding dresses with black trim are HUGE right now. As a bonus, there are so many different ways to pull this particular trend off.

Lots of Beading

gorgeous jeweled wedding dress | Alisha Crossley

Image via Southern Weddings Magazine

Are you planning a formal wedding, but a big princess-style dress feels a little over the top? Wear something that hugs your curves instead. Just make sure it’s beaded. Although a wedding dress with beads is appropriate for any time of day, there is something super-elegant about a bride wearing this kind of dress at night. (And during the fall or winter.)


11 Wedding Dress Trends That Will Be Big in 2016 | Brit + Co

Image via Brit Morin

Did you know that one of the things that feathers symbolize is spiritual evolution? If ANY occasion is a spiritual one, it’s the uniting of two people who are in love and have made the decision to commit to one another for life. Plus, feather wedding dresses are bold and alluring. There’s something super fabulous about them. Yet in a semi-understated kind of way.


Beautiful Wedding Dresses with Capes | See more on

Image via One Fab Day

We choose to show a sheer cape by design. Sure, some of the high-fashion capes are made of thick material for a much more dramatic effect. But if you wanted a way to incorporate this trend and get creative with your veil or train, this would certainly be one way to do it.

Copper Accents

Unique skinny copper belt. Would be really pretty on teal bridesmaid dresses. Skinny Metal Belt in Gold Silver Copper / Rose by theChainery

Image via Etsy

Metallics have been around for a while now. Using a color like copper to accent a bride’s look is one of our favorite approaches. This shot is perfect because another big bridal trend for 2018 are belts and bows. (Another stunning way to use copper is to wear a pair of copper pumps!)

The Color Blue

Lurelly sexy blue v-neck wedding dress - Deer Pearl Flowers /

Image via Deer Pearl Flowers

Three things that blue symbolize is royalty, faith and calm—all of these are things that many brides want to convey on their wedding day. And if you go the baby blue route? Not only will you receive “ooos” and “ahhs” at your wedding, but people will be bringing up how unforgettable you looked for years to come.

The Color Blush

Black And Blush Wedding Chic Theme Ideas

Image via Nona Gaya

If blue is a bit “much”, how about blush? It’s a softer and more subtle deviation from white; especially if it isn’t your first wedding and/or you want to buck tradition a bit. Another thing we love about a “blushing bride” is that it’s the kind of hue that complements virtually every skin tone.

Long Trains

Berta Bridal Winter 2014 Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Image via Sortra

To this day, we’re not sure how many brides have had a bridal train as long as the late and great Princess Diana, but if you want to try and rival her look, 2018 would be the year to do it. It’s gonna be a year where no train is too long or too much. Trust us on that one.


Le Spose Di Gi�. Bateau neckline, mermaid skirt, with organza over skirt.

Image via BRIDES

When you first read “gloves”, you might’ve thought to yourself “Uh-uh. That’s what my grandmother wears.” But as you can see from this shot, there are all sorts of ways (and lengths) to pull gloves off. This is very cute, clean and modern, all at once. A very cool way to pull off the 2018 bridal gloves trend.