About Us

The Story of An Inspired Affair

Although An Inspired Affair came into being in 2008 the concept actually started about 20 years ago in high school when my brother pleaded with me to write his love letters for him. Eventually the word got out and I ended up giving male friends advice on everything from “how to win the girl” to style advice to planning dates to “What does she really mean when she says…?”.  This continued through college and eventually even work colleagues and family members were asking for advice or assistance with planning special events for their significant other. This led me to thinking about starting a full-service Romantic Concierge Service which would offer date and marriage proposal ideas as well as romantic event coordination, and execution. Of course, adding Wedding and Singles Events seemed like a natural addition.

At An Inspired Affair we realize that every client requires a different level of service depending on their personalized requests and services. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs. We will be happy to answer questions and to offer a quote based on the services you require.

At An Inspired Affair, we ensure client satisfaction and loyalty by creating a unique, memorable and hassle-free romantic event that won’t compromise our client’s vision and budgetary expectations. We hope that you are so delighted with your experience that you engage us in planning your next romantic event as well as refer us to your friends and family.

By working with our clientele and preferred partners in a spirit of honesty, integrity, creative collaboration and excellence, we provide superior romantic event planning and concierge services which surpass expectations and create your perfect love story.