We’re spotting fall wedding trends and and letting you in on all the secrets in our Woodland Wedding series. In case you want a peek at all of the great stuff we’ve shared so far, you can read about rustic flower schemes in the first blog of the series, and you can see stunning gowns with an ethereal feel in the second installment. Our final episode of this blog series will discuss how to give your food an all-natural and pastoral feel.

Cocktail Hour


Keep food simple and delicious. Guests want quick, yummy bites that keep them hands free for holding a drink and giving hugs. Bring the natural elements of the forest indoors by placing cocktail hour delights on wood platters and pedestals. You can read more about wood and tablescapes in our first Woodland blog.

Favorite cheeses and toothpick-able pieces of fruit are a great way to start the evening. For a sweet treat that is as adorable as it is delicious, doughnut hole “acorns” will delight guests young and old. To round out a rustic hors d’oeuvres buffet, fill wooden bushels with different flavors of popcorn to let your guests choose their own cocktail hour adventure.


Penny & Lulu

Styling by: Penny & Lulu


After a wonderful cocktail party and lots of mingling, your guests are looking for a memorable meal to celebrate your big day. A woodland wedding can incorporate a number of dishes, all while feeling like the fairytale you’ve dreamed of. Working with local farmers and producers can give the meal a fresh feel, and nothing makes memories like comfort food. Whatever your menu, make sure the dishes reflect your unique style.

Wedding Cake


A lovely cake is one of the oldest traditions at a wedding. Symbolizing the couple’s union and start of a new life together, wedding cakes can take many forms.

To truly embrace the woodland theme, a tiered cake that looks like the bark of a tree can offer an elegant and whimsical touch to the sweet tradition. Another elegant way to continue the woodland theme is to choose a simple and rustic cake. A fall wedding trend that we’re loving is “naked” cakes; simple, layered cakes with minimal frosting bring a fresh elegance to your special day.