You and your beloved are the most important part of your wedding day. No question or debate about that. Everyone is coming to celebrate the love—and vows stated—between the two of you. But there’s also your wedding party who’s going to stand by your side, your family who’s going to show their love and support and the officiant who’s going to make everything official. And your guests. Of course, there’s the people you made the time to invite to witness this new season of your lives.

Traditionally, the guests simply show up, (possibly) bring a gift and celebrate with you at the ceremony and reception. But what if there are some people who aren’t in your wedding party who you still want to bring some extra-special attention to? Or, what if you’ve always wanted your wedding to be something everyone could participate in beyond just watching you and yours?

For either situation, there are several ways to incorporate your guests into your day.

Here are just a few ideas that we personally like a lot.

Have Them Create Your Bouquet

bohemian wedding in the woods, wild flower bouquet by Femke @heeerlijk | photo by 88forever | Inspire Styling:

Image via Anne/Inspire Styling

When actor Lisa Kudrow got married several years ago, she shared that one way she got some of her guests involved was she gave each one (sitting in the inside aisle) a flower. As she walked down the aisle, she took it from each one of them. By the time Lisa made it to the end, she had a full bouquet. We love everything about this idea.

Invite Them to Renew Their Vows

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Weddings put people in not only a loving mood but typically a nostalgic one too. As guests are listening to you make your pledge of love and devotional to each other, invite the married couples to join hands as you say your vows or create something that everyone can say together after your vows are stated. Let them know that you’re using your wedding as an opportunity for them to renew their own commitment. They’ll really appreciate that and never forget the gesture.

Request They Wear Your Wedding Colors in Your Wedding Invites

Surrounded by the ones you love, Love this to get the whole family involved! I definitely have enough family for it :):

Image via Bridal Guide Magazine

Do you just LOVE the colors you’ve picked for your wedding? You can see a sea of it all day (and night) long if you invite your guests to wear the same colors too. It doesn’t have to be from head to toe. Even just an accessory would be a cute touch.

Place Advice Cards on Your Reception Tables

Message in a bottle wedding guest book idea. Photographer: MASTIN STUDIO via Style Me Pretty:

Image via MODWedding

This is a pretty common way to get your guests involved. Put some blank cards (and pens, don’t forget about those) on your reception tables and ask them to give the two of you personal advice. To prevent from receiving a lot of the same messages, you can even designate a particular theme to each table.

Host an Impromptu Talent Show at Your Reception

7 Tips for Delivering a Best Man Speech That Doesn’t Disappoint:

Image via Martha Stewart Weddings

A DJ or live band is common talent for a wedding reception. Wanna add a twist? Have an impromptu talent show or ask everyone to get involved in singing karaoke. Just think about how hilarious—and memorable—that will be for everyone!

Ask Your Guests to Create a “Signature Drink”

Save on your wedding bar tab with signature wedding cocktails.Get an idea of what to serve at

Image via A Bride on a Budget

This idea is really cool. If you’re planning on having an open bar, designate two bartenders to help your guests with creating their own signature drink for your first year of marriage. Ask the guests to not only make up the concoction but to also come up with a name. You or some of your wedding party and family can taste them, vote and offer a prize to the winning drink! You can also have the bartenders make a bottle of the drink for the winning guest to take home as a prize, and thank you.

Encourage Them to Download a Wedding Party App

Save Money On The DJ. There Is A Wedding DJ App For Your Ipod That Allows You To Select What Songs You Want! Way to budget an area not important to you :) More:

Image via Brit Morin

The Wedding Party App is awesome in every way! Now, instead of having disposable Polaroids on your reception tables, talk your guests into downloading the app so that they can take some candid shots, especially at the reception. It’s a super easy way to see your wedding through your guests’ eyes. Plus, everyone can share them on your wedding website and social media sites. #perfect

Assign Fun Wedding and Reception Roles

faux snow confetti for the bride and groom exit? maybe? I'm kind of stuck on sparklers though:

Image via Weddbook

Do you have a little cousin (or “crazy” uncle) who’s disappointed about not being officially appointed to do something in your wedding? Aside fun wedding and reception roles. One can be in charge of motivating people to dance. Another can help you with keeping everyone organized for pictures or pass out party favors. You can even come up with cute titles and make name tags. It’s another fun and unique way to make your guests an even bigger part of your wedding day (and reception)!