If you and yours have been going back and forth on choosing a wedding date because a part of you secretly wants to elope…maybe reading this will take some of the pressure off! We say that simply because one of the BIGGEST WEDDING TRENDS this year is eloping and then holding a party for friends later.

And here’s the thing. Eloping doesn’t carry with it the same “stigma” that it used it. It’s not about rebelling against your parents or getting married in secret. It also doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll go to a courthouse or get married in someone’s living room in front of a witness (although you are certainly welcome to!).

These days, eloping is more about having a very intimate wedding, on your terms. It’s also about being OK with having only a handful of friends (or no one at all) present for the nuptials and (possibly) a party later on.

Are you ready to see how to make an elopement work with you having absolutely NO regrets?

Pick Any Location You Want

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The money that you save on having a traditional ceremony is money that you can put to picking a unique location (like maybe renting out an art museum or library), going to a bed and breakfast where you can host a few family members and friends or having a destination wedding. Wondering where some of the best places are to go this year? Click here to read more.

Wear Whatever You Want

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Eloping doesn’t mean that you have to go in jeans and a T-shirt, a white suit or even a casual gown. If you want to be formal, couture or extremely over-the-top, it’s your day! Go for it! It can make for some really beautiful wedding day pictures if you do. By the way, please remember to hire a professional photographer. It’s your wedding day and mega-special, no matter what!

Do Consider a Longer Honeymoon

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One of the best things about having a “low-key” elopement is all of that money you saved on a traditional wedding? It can now go to having a longer and/or international wedding without having to worry about incurring more debt. Now, rather than a four-day cruise, schedule a little more time off work and travel for a couple of weeks (it’s getting tempting, right?).

Hold a “Thank You, We Love You” Dinner at Home

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If a part of the reason why you’re not sure about eloping is because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by not having them be a part of your nuptials, maybe hold a “thank you, we love you” intimate dinner at your home. It can be really nice on a few levels. It’s more intimate. You will have more money to decorate, cater and serve up a really impressive menu. And, it’s the first time people will be able to spend time in your house—eating, toasting, dancing, sitting on the back porch, maybe even watching movies and of course, laughing—now that you and yours are a married couple. Plus, it will make them feel like you are appreciative of them, even if they weren’t present for your “I dos”.

Send “We’re Married!” Notices Instead of Wedding Invitations


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You can still send out paper notices if you want. But instead of them being wedding invitations, send out “We’re Married!” notices. Our advice would be to have them made up and sent on the day that you get married to the people who you don’t want to find out by seeing your wedding day or honeymoon pictures online (this tip alone can spare a lot of potentially hurt feelings!).

Give Gifts Anyway (If You Want To)

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The people you would’ve presented gifts with if you had them be a part of your wedding party? You can still give them tokens of your affection. Present them at the dinner we mentioned or mail them along with the “We’re Married!” announcements. It could be a really cool way to balance out some of the shock some of your would’ve-been-bridesmaids-and-groomsmen-had-you-had-a-wedding folks will feel once they know that you eloped!

Hire a Wedding Planner for Your Reception…Whenever You Had It

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If you’re going to go with the “elope and then party!” trend, it’s important to hire a wedding planner for your reception. With the nuptials out of the way, you can focus on having the kind of reception that will blow everyone away! And with the right professional in place, they can get everything together while you and yours are honeymooning. That way, you can return home and throw a stress-free-yet-totally-gorgeous reception for all your loved ones.

The perfect way to celebrate an elopement…wouldn’t you say?