Are you the kind of bride-to-be who, when it comes to weddings, doesn’t have one traditional bone in your body (other than wanting to have a ceremony, reception and honeymoon, of course)? If so, you’re gonna LOVE this post because it features 10 hot wedding planning trends that are anything but your mama’s intention for your big day!

Incorporate all or just one or two into your wedding plans and you’ll create a series of moments that you—and everyone who attends your wedding—will never be able to forget!

Colored Gemstone Engagement/Wedding Ring

Dark Souls are different from the rest of the world. And we want to express our uniqueness. Here are a few different types of wedding rings that the normal “Pale Heart” (non-Goth) would not wear.:

Image via

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but what’s making headlines these days are colorful gemstones. This can be cool for a couple of reasons. It’s a standout approach from the usual (and beautiful) diamond, certain ones can save your groom a lot of money and different gemstones symbolize different things. For instance, Amazonite symbolizes truth, harmony and peace; Carnelian represents vitality, confidence and sexuality and Rose Quartz symbolizes love, trust and emotional healing. (Read more about gemstones here.)

Nude Wedding Dress

wrapped in tulle:

Image via The Broke-Ass Bride

Wanna look super sexy in your wedding dress? How about going nude? Not in the buff, but wearing a nude-colored wedding dress. Although it might seem risqué at first, as you can see from this picture, you can wear any style or cut and just add some nude material, like tulle, to it. It’s sensual and really romantic all at once.

Antique Store Venue

In store decor:

Image via Hydrangea Cove 

Museums, libraries and botanical gardens are nice alternatives to churches and backyards. But if you really want to catch your guests off guard, how about getting married in something like an antique store? One that has all sorts of vintage furniture and art around it. If it’s a small wedding, it’s perfect in every way. Plus, the antiques can automatically be your décor.

Destination Wedding Gift Bags

Packing Your Destination wedding guests gift bags, OOT Welcome Bags: 5 Must-Haves and 5 Fun Items to Include:

Image via Sand & Sun Honeymoons

Planning a destination wedding? Rather than giving the usual wedding favors, how about some destination wedding gift bags? It’s fun, it’s functional and your guests will be able to use them the entire time they’re there.

Geode Wedding Cake

Bold and beautiful magenta geode cake.:

Image via moncheribridals

If you’re the avant garde kind of gal, sink your teeth into a geode wedding cake. It’s visually-stunning in every way and is such a nice variation to all of the white cakes and bride and groom toppers that most people expect.

Outdoor Games

DIY Yahtzee:

Image via Style Me Pretty

Whether you’re athletic, love the outdoors or want to do any and everything you can to make sure that your guests do more than sit around and eat during the reception, offer the option for them to play some outdoor games. It can be something like a Ring Toss or a couple of rounds of Croquet or outdoor games that have a wedding theme such as DIY Yahtzee some of these.

Cocktail Hour BEFORE the Ceremony

His and Her cocktails, New Old Fashioned, The Moscow Mule // Dana Cubbage Weddings:

Image via Borrowed & Blue Weddings

It’s not uncommon for weddings to start a little later than planned. And you know what? Your guests won’t mind a bit if you host a cocktail hour prior to the actual ceremony. We recommend avoiding hard liquor (leave that for the reception). Instead, go with some mimosas or an invented drink to symbolize you and your groom’s love for one another. Click here for a little inspiration.

Self-Serve Food Bar

Save Big Money | Cater Your Own Wedding.. something to consider?!?:

Image via Top Wedding Sites

Sit down dinners are not what’s hot right now. Buffets and self-serve bars are all the rage; especially if you’re planning to offer mini-appetizers and late-night snack foods.

Image Maps

OOOH! 30 Candle Iron Chandelier, Spotlight, and Gobo Pattern at Casa Real:

Image via Image Sound

We LOVE this idea! Did you enjoy going to places like the planetarium when you were growing up? You can create feelings of nostalgia by putting up some image maps in your reception space. You can read more about what it entails by clicking here.

Up-the-Street Honeymooning

Biltmore Village Inn: A Luxurious and Romantic Asheville, NC Bed and Breakfast Inn - Stayed here August 2014:

Image via Biltmore Village Inn

Honeymoons can easily cost as much as a wedding, if not more. If money is super-tight right now, don’t put your honeymoon on hold. Plan something super-elaborate for your first anniversary and stick closer to home for your honeymoon. For instance, there are some really sweet and romantic bed and breakfasts that are in your own city or one that’s just a few hours away. Explore your bed and breakfast options here and have an amazing time while staying out of debt! It’s a win/win!