If you’ve lived 20 years or more, we’re pretty sure you’ve been to at least one wedding that was so elegant, so opulent…so almost over-the-top that you’ve never been able to forget it!

To this day, it set a standard in your mind of how you think wedding are supposed to be…

Here’s the “problem”, though. You’re in the process of planning your own nuptials in your mind and, nothing about you wants to spend thousands of dollars or wear a dress made of yards and yards of tulle. Your love is big. It’s just that you want to express it in a much simpler (yet still beautiful) kind of way.

Sounds to us like you want a casual wedding. There are so many benefits to having one too. They’re cheaper (depending on how many guests you want, you can throw one for around $2,000-3,500). You’re oftentimes able to be a lot more creative. And, as you’re about to see in just a moment, on some levels, they are a lot more practical too.

Making it one to rival the more high-scale weddings, don’t you think?

Select a Unique Location


Image via Weddings by Zoe

If you want to get married in a church or outside, of course you should do it! But a casual wedding makes it possible for you to be a lot more creative than that. How about a coffeehouse? The two of yours favorite restaurant? An old library or even a movie theatre? When it comes to wedding planning, casual translates into “lots of fun”! Venue included.

Have a Ball Creating Casual Wedding Invitations

Kristen + Loren’s Modern Diagram Letterpress Wedding:

Image via Oh So Beautiful Paper

A great way to alert your guests that your wedding is going to be casual is to send out casual save-the-dates and invitations. Matter of fact, so that no one comes overdressed, it’s perfectly fine to mention that it’s a casual event or the dress code in a separate card along with the invite.

Get a Casual Wedding Dress

Casual Wedding Dresses: Carol Hannah; photo: Jillian Bowes Photography Via Intimate Weddings:

Image via MODWedding

This picture is just one example of the fact that a casual wedding dress doesn’t have to be boring or ho-hum. We LOVE this! It’s simple but still quite stunning. It’s classy but still very comfortable. It’s the kind of gown that you can dress up or down in so many ways. (Part of joy in having one!)

Wear Some “Casual” Wedding Jewelry

sparkling bohemian jewelry:


Have you never wanted to wear a veil? This is another bonus to a casual wedding. Your hairstyle can be the focus rather than tulle or netting. Plus, a casual bride can have more fun with jewelry. Because your dress is so simple, you can have so much fun with accessories. Boho chic is one look that works very well on the casual bride.

Choose Some Casual Attire for Your Wedding Party Too

Check out few non-traditional beach wedding ideas and grab the best one for you. Make your beach wedding original by twisting the traditional etiquette.:

Image via Beach Wedding Tips

And your wedding party? Oh, they are just gonna love you! Casual weddings bring in a level of practicality that other weddings do not. This means that bridesmaids and groomsmen usually don’t have to spend as much money on their attire. Plus, they are able to wear what you selected over and over again. (Who would’ve thought of silk cover-ups for a beach wedding? Awesome!)

Think Outside of the Box with Drinks/Appetizers

Boho Pins: Top 10 Pins of the Week from Pinterest – Wedding Drink Ideas:

Image via Boho-Weddings

A casual wedding means that things can be as laid back and chill as you want. In a coffeehouse, people can have coffee, tea and hot cocoa before (or even during) the ceremony if you want. Or, if you have your wedding outside, beer and wine can be on tap.

Pick a Laid Back (Yet Still Beautiful) Reception Venue

Chic wedding decor: http://www.stylemepretty.com/new-york-weddings/new-york-city/2014/09/23/nyc-winter-wedding-at-the-foundry/ | Photography: Les Loups - http://www.lesloupspicturesandsongs.com/:

Image via Style Me Pretty

Speaking of laid back, don’t forget to factor in your reception venue. Make it something that is really comfortable and user-friendly for everyone including children. Your guests need to feel like they can kick off their shoes and relax. Pretty much literally.

Serve Casual Wedding Reception Foods

Pizza bar!:

Image via Twitter

Casual weddings and receptions need to have casual wedding reception foods! It’s only right! Whether it’s a pizza buffet or a hamburger bar or some sort of food truck with you and your groom’s favorite foods served on it…don’t let this kind of occasion pass you by. The food should be light-hearted and festive. It should reflect the spirit and tone (and theme) of the entire day.

Offer Your Guests Unique Party Favors

We are loving these unique wedding favors! Check them out.:

Image via Story Mix Media

Party favors are basically the souvenir of your wedding. Make it something that your guests will look at and say “Wow! I would’ve never thought to do this at my own wedding!” Something that is enjoyable but practical too. Something that, every time they use it, they’ll think to themselves “That was one of the BEST weddings I’ve ever been too!” Casual or not.