Can you believe that we’re into the fall season? Just a few months away from a brand new year! If you’re planning on getting married in 2017—or you’re hoping that you’ll get engaged over the holiday season—you’re going to want to read this because we’re going to share with you some of the trends that everyone is talking about on the wedding sites and blogs.

All of them are visually appealing and will add some unique touches to your special day. Incorporate one or all of them and watch how many people say “I can’t believe how beautiful your wedding day was!”


romantic watercolor wedding arch and backdrop ideas:

Image via Funny Wedding Media

From cakes and tablecloths to wedding invitations and backdrops (like the one in this picture), you’re going to see a lot of watercolors in the new year. We like them because they are soft yet artistic. They’re something that brides and grooms can be excited about because they are beautiful without being to “girly girl”. If you want your wedding to have more of a unisex feel in the décor, watercolors can pull this off for you.

Lots of Greenery

Greenery Wedding inspiration | Table Settings | Wedding Reception | Wedding Decor | Wedding Ideas | TheStyleCo-Yue-Tao-Stones-Of-The-Yarra-61:

Image via No Boring Parties

We love this picture because it shows that you don’t need a lot of color (or flowers) to make your wedding elegant. Greenery can pull that off, as you can see here. This trend is a wonderful idea if you’re planning on having an outdoor wedding in the summer, or if you want to bring in some of the outside to your indoor reception in the dead of winter. It gives a garden feel. Plus, green represents health and fertility. Nice symbolism for a wedding, wouldn’t you say?

Elegant Wedding Invites

Very elegant trends and ideas for Wedding Stationery: Fall in Love with These Unique Laser Cut Wedding Invitations:

Image via MODwedding

2016 was all about casual and creative invites. This year? Bring in the formal drama, in the very best way possible! The more opulent the invitations are, the more on trend you’ll be. We love the way formal invitations look. Just don’t feel pressured into breaking the bank to have some. To do it right, sometimes it can get pricey.

Tropical Theme

corsages using bird of paradise | Boutonniere of a Bird of Paradise uh huh, that's niiiiiiice.:

Image via WordPress

It’s interesting that the tropical look is going to be popular in 2017, because that’s also the case with cosmetics. If you wish you could get married in Hawaii, but time or money will not permit it, a stunning compromise is a tropical theme. It can be elaborate or something like these boutonnieres that are made out of the Bird of Paradise. Stunning.

Vintage Touches

Art deco wedding ideas | CHWV:

Image via Country House Wedding Venues

The lead picture, and this one, are reminders of how much sophistication vintage touches can bring to any wedding. It could be a caddie that brings you to the wedding, a vintage wedding dress or even some antique brooches or shoes—all of it will give the wedding a regal feel. (Your older guests will really appreciate it and might even have a few stories to share!)

Golden Dresses

Beautiful gold wedding gown. Rami Kadi:

Image via Colin Cowie Weddings

Before looking at this dress, you might’ve heard that a gold wedding gown was a 2017 trend and thought “I can’t image wearing that color.” What about now? Gold is rich. Gold is extravagant. Gold represents being victorious and getting what you want. A woman walking down the aisle in a gold (or gold accented) wedding dress is going to make quite the statement. And then some.


Tiffany Blue Bridesmaid Dresses | ... tiffany blue bridesmaid dresses to match with the whole wedding theme:

Image via Elegant Wedding Invites

A theme color that will be seen a lot is aqua. Or, if you prefer, Tiffany Blue. It’s soothing and pretty. And it goes so well as wedding or reception décor. Plus, you can pair it up with neutrals or pastels pretty easily.

Wedding Cake and Milkshakes

mini brownies and milkshakes!!! great for a party!!!:

Image via Flickr

We really like this idea! We’re not sure who came up with this ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT idea, but the pairing of wedding cake and milkshakes has made its way onto the 2017 wedding trends list! This could be especially cute if you were planning to go with cupcakes rather than an actual wedding cake. It’s fun and unexpected. Two things that bring so much life, and create great memories, for wedding days.