Every wedding is special and memorable. But as far as the romance theme goes, there’s probably no better time of year to be over-the-top than around Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re planning to have your wedding around the holiday itself or you recently got married but want to throw a party/reception for your family and friends around that time, we’ve got 10 ways to incorporate the Valentine’s Day look and feel sans some of the cheesiness (that sometimes happens if you overdo it).

Use Red as An Accent Color

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Yes, red is the signature color for Valentine’s Day. There’s no question about that. But that doesn’t mean that things have to be all red or pink. Say that you like black and white. You can decorate your space with those two hues and use red as an accent (like maybe a red heart-shaped signage that’s made out of red roses) or centerpieces that are a shade of red.

Pick a Winter Flower 

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If red is the signature color, red roses are the signature flower. They mean “I love you”, so we totally get it. But a nice (and unexpected touch) is to go with maybe a winter flower like amaryllis. You can find them in the color red, pink-trim or even all white.

Put Stationery On Each Table

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Whether you choose to use the flowers for your tables or something else, a really nice touch is to have some pretty stationary (and pens) on the table. Maybe with a framed note that says, “If you came with your sweetie, take out a moment or two to write them a little love letter.” Some couples probably haven’t done that in years. It’s a great way to bring some of the “mood” into their relationship as they celebrate yours.

Offer Intimate Seating

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Another thing that you might consider doing is offering some intimate seating. You know, a few love seats or couches that have plush pillows so that couples can cozy up to one another and listen to the music if they want to take a break from dancing. What kind of music?

Play Love Songs from a Favorite Era

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Nostalgia is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Put everyone in a romantic mood by playing love songs by your favorite era. Maybe some pop rock from the 80s and R&B from the 90s. It will be a smile on everyone’s faces and keep them contently slow dragging for hours.

Have a Red Velvet Station

Red Velvet Waffles with Cream Cheese Syrup

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Something else that your guests will probably love is a red velvet station. You can have everything from red velvet waffles to red velvet cupcakes, brownies and cheesecake on it. You can even offer some red velvet-themed candy for kids like red velvet-flavored Kit Kats.

Serve Champagne and Strawberries

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Something that is uber-romantic with a hint of sexy is serving champagne and strawberries. At some point in the reception, ask everyone to hold up their glass and toast the one they love. (You can send them home with small bottles of champagne and some chocolate-covered strawberries if you’d like.)

Create a Signature Lover’s Cocktail

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As far as drinks go, if the budget is tight or you want to be more creative, you can also create a signature cocktail. You can name it after the place you went to on your first date, a lyric from your favorite song, the combination of the pet names that you have for each other—anything you wish!

Have a Singles Photo Booth

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There are bound to be some single people at your reception who are probably trying to put on a brave face in the midst of all of the love that’s in the air. Surprise them by having a photo booth that is only for singles (or singles to take pictures with the bride and groom). Include signs and props that speak a single’s person’s language (like maybe a sign that says “Valentine’ Day Sucks”—as a joke, of course). In its own way, it will be super thoughtful as it makes singles feel like they weren’t forgotten about.

Give Candied Roses as Party Favors

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It would cost a small fortune to send everyone home with a bouquet of roses. But what you can do is get some candies that are shaped just like the flower (maybe even the kind that come with a green stem) and make sure that every woman goes home with one. It’s the perfect end to a very romantic evening. Wouldn’t you say?