It really does seem hard to believe, but in just a few more weeks, the weather will be warming up, birds will be chirping more and flowers will begin to bloom on the trees. Yep. Springtime is just on the horizon which means more wedding invites will be in the mail.

If you’re planning on saying “I do” during the spring (or early summer) season, we’ve got a few wedding reception trends that we think would be the perfect addition to your special day.

The thing that we like about these particular ones is they are not quite as “typical” or traditional as times past. So, if you want to incorporate some individuality and flair, 2018 has got you covered!

Black Accents

Masquerade Black And Gold Wedding

Image by wedding chicks

Although it’s usually pastels that make an appearance during the spring, this year it’s all about darker hues. You’ll be seeing deep jewel tones and burgundy shades in wedding party attire, along with black accents even on bridal gowns. Black is also the perfect touch for wedding reception décor if you want to bring some elegance and “drama” to your reception space.


Metallic place settings | Photography: Julie Paisley

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While metallics are not quite as popular as they once were, copper is still trending. We like it because it is the kind of color that is perfect for a casual reception or a formal one based on how you choose to incorporate it. For instance, you could go with copper-colored plates for a casual reception or sequin copper-colored tablecloths for a more formal event.

Industrial Spaces

Steampunk industrial chic wedding reception seating ideas

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There is something very modern about having your reception in an industrial space; especially if you plan on accenting it with lots of flowers or even some lace. Something else that’s great about this type of venue is that you can hold both your wedding as well as your reception in one giant room. Most industrial spaces are certainly big enough.

Dessert Tables

country wedding cookies dessert table idea /

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As far as wedding cake trends go, “dripping cakes” are all the rage. So are donut tiers. Another thing that you can try is having a couple of dessert tables that are loaded with a variety of different kinds of sweet foods. One route to take is a table that has mini-desserts (mini pies, brownies, small parfait cups, etc.) and another that is a candy table; maybe one that has the kinds of candies that you and your beloved enjoyed as children. Kids will LOVE that!

Hanging Flowers

lightbulb hanging flower bouquet holders. More

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This is a trend that we especially like because it’s feminine and unique. If you do decide to go with an industrial venue, it’s also a wonderful contrast. Plus, if money is tight, hanging flowers is something that you and some of your girlfriends can put together pretty easily at an affordable price.

International Cuisine

Mashed Potato Bars: A Winter Wedding Delight – International Wedding Magazine – Zankyou USA

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As far as what foods to share, how about something non-American like mini-tacos and margaritas, a sushi bar or an Italian dish. Maybe even an Ethiopian or Indian-style menu. Your guests will remember it simply because you’re serving food that isn’t customarily served at a wedding reception.

Glow Cubes

Colors Included: RED YELLOW ORANGE BLUE GREEN WHITE PINK PURPLE RAINBOW Can't decide which color you want? Get them all with this bargain sampler pack. Contains

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When it comes to weddings, it really is all about the details. A small touch that is making a big impression these days are glow ice cubes. You can purchase some (here) that are LED lights that change colors or you can make your own (here) with the help of tonic water and a black light. Brilliant.


Glass table numbers are simply elegant and modern | Would be nice if it were illuminated

Image by Junebug Weddings

The love that you and yours share is abundantly clear, so it’s almost poetic that transparent items would be another reception trend. You know, glass tables, crystal centerpieces—anything that you can see throw that will add to the décor. It’s pretty, it’s fun and it’s the perfect touch to any 2018 springtime wedding reception.