December isn’t on the list of the best months to get married (that’s still basically reserved for June and October). But if you decided to have a wedding during the holiday season, we can certainly see why.

There is something that is uber-romantic about having your nuptials during the time of year when there is snow on the ground, Christmas lights hanging everywhere and everyone is thinking about extending peace and goodwill to everyone around then.

December evokes so many warm feelings.

Why not have a wedding during this time of year?

Plus, if you plan it out right, you can have one of the most memorable honeymoons ever!

If you’re getting married this month (or this time next year), here are a few tips on how to make your December honeymoon one that you will never EVER forget!

Wicked 28 Best Christmas Proposal Ideas to Make Surprise Your Girlfriend For some it is a calendar year, some 3 decades. Bear in mind that you may only do so much every day. Utilize your family and friends that will help you organize the ideal day for your upcoming life partner.

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Book a Cold AND Warm Destination

One benefit of having a wedding in December is you may already have the week before Christmas and New Year’s Day off. If so, use half of it to enjoy the signature December weather and the other half to travel where it’s nice and warm. Maybe book a reservation at a resort in Colorado and then fly to one of the more popular December honeymoon locations like Rio De Janeiro or the Yucatan Peninsula.

Purchase Matching Coats

Something that is both cute and practical is to purchase some matching winter coats! You’ll need them while you’re in chilly weather and they’re something that you both can use for years to come.

Spend Two Nights Close to Home

If you already live in a cold climate and there’s sure to be some inclement weather, consider spending your first two days close to home. Traveling during the wintertime can sometimes result in delayed flights and extended layovers. You want to be nice and rested before getting on a plane.

Book a Log Cabin

It wouldn’t be a classic December honeymoon if you didn’t spend at least one night or two in a log cabin. One that has a burning fire, some warm cocoa and a few foods that are aphrodisiacs like oysters, asparagus, sweet potatoes, basil, arugula, vanilla and ginger. Make sure to request a cabin that has an entertainment system; that way, you can play romantic Christmas music in the background as you dance the night away.

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Have a Small Christmas Tree Shipped to It

Here’s a cute idea. No matter when the two of you are traveling, so long as it’s during the month of December, it’s always the right time to put up a Christmas tree! Whether you decide to stay at your log cabin for a part of your honeymoon or the entire time, have a mini-tree shipped to it so that you can have one. You can even string some popcorn and write little notes about why you love one another on different colors of construction paper, fasten them to different branches and read some of them every morning when you wake up.

Wear Some Velvet Lingerie

You’ve got to have some lingerie, right? Go along with the winter theme and get at least one piece that’s made out of velvet. Take it up a notch by getting some that matches your hair color. Blondes tend to look best in pastels. Brunettes are stunning in bold or jewel-toned colors. If you’re a redhead, try a neutral hue. He won’t be able to take his eyes off of you.

Wait to Give Your Wedding Gifts During Your Honeymoon

It’s pretty customary for a bride and groom with give each other gifts of their wedding day. Since Christmas is the time when gifts are exchanged, build up anticipation by waiting to give each other yours once you arrive at your honeymoon destination.

Give Your Family Christmas Gifts Before You Leave

If you’re worried about being apart from your families during the holidays, don’t be. If EVER you had a good excuse, it’s going on your honeymoon! If you are gone during Christmas, you can always Facetime or Skype. As far as Christmas gifts go, make sure they have them before you leave. Then all you have to do is sit back, relax and embrace all of the beauty and magic of having a honeymoon in December!

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