Troy Brown

Mater Stylist/Writer

Since 1992, Troy Brown, has actively listened to his female clientele share their personal trials and successes in the arena of romance and love.  One year out of beauty college Troy landed an assistant position with, Martin Parsons, one of the premier long hair stylists in the world.  From this tutelage he gained the necessary skills to become the requested hairstylist for over 400 brides on the most romantic day of their lives.

In his own life, Troy takes great pleasure in planning and executing an evening out with his fiancé.  Having learned some valuable lessons from his previous relationships, Troy enjoys the planning process more now and doesn’t leave any detail undone. Then if plans change or life throws a curve he lets go and shares a knowing laugh with his partner. Being flexible helps to avoid trying to plan the “perfect date” and makes unexpected changes less stressful showing your partner your human side.

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” – Aristotle