Nothing in life can prepare you for parenthood. But if you’ve been tasked with hosting a baby shower for a friend or loved one, there are some really neat ways modern parents are celebrating the birth of their children. Check out some of these adorable and unique baby shower themes that you’ll want to copy ASAP before baby arrives!


Reading Rainbow

Classic children’s books can make for some really adorable baby shower fodder. From The Velveteen Rabbit to Alice in Wonderland, books offer a gender-neutral way to bank on cuteness without feeling too cheesy. Name foods after characters or play baby shower games based on the story’s plot line. Goodnight Moon, Peter Pan and other classic stories will have everyone feeling nostalgic and lovey dovey for your baby soiree.

Go Global

Who says a baby shower has to be all pastels and clothespins? Think about your target audience: the ladies. Specifically, think about what the mom-to-be would find fun and memorable. Take your guests on a trip around the world and celebrate the future traveler about to come into your lives. Food choices become easier when you’re focusing on a particular part of the world, and color schemes can be bright and fun, no matter where it is you take your guests.


Rock-a-Bye Baby

From rock n’ roll to lullabies, different kinds of music can offer a treasure trove of ideas for a fun baby shower. If the mom-to-be is a hard rock and guitars kind of gal, choose bright colors and a record or DJ theme. Or a sweet lullaby theme can make for a beautiful event filled with memorable moments for mom. Even a New Orleans-themed jazzy baby shower is perfect for a music-loving mom and her friends to enjoy some time together before a new little musician arrives!


Photo via Pure Joy Events

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