Summertime parties are fun and festive, and nothing says “let’s party!” like a backyard fiesta! From yummy food with a kick to colorful decor to set the mood, you and your guests will be transported to Mexico in no time with our simple, five-step fiesta plan.


Beautiful decorations and even lighting can really transport guests to another world. One of the best parts of a party is feeling like it’s an escape from everyday life. For a fiesta, think bright colors, piñatas,  and plenty of lights or lanterns turn your backyard into the perfect place to cha-cha into the night.

Food and Drink

The best part of a party is the food. Mexican-inspired bites will keep guests coming back for more, and by allowing them to customize the level of heat in certain dishes makes sure everyone has a great time.  Choose a couple of main dishes, then offer easy-to-eat things to nibble on throughout the evening. This means less work for you, and more options for guests. If you choose to do a potluck, tell guests what dishes you’re providing, and ask them to sign up for a finger food, dessert or to contribute to the chips and salsa.

Drinks are always a necessity at a party. Pitchers of fruity sangria and margaritas add color to the table and make sure that the festive mood flows throughout the night. Offering coolers of beer, soda and water will keep everyone happy, too.

Music &Activities

Just because you’re having a fiesta doesn’t mean your music choices have to be exclusively Latin-inspired. Throw in some party favorites like Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock and Roll” and some Beach Boys hits to liven things up. Check out some of the latest Latin hits on iTunes if you’re not familiar with the genre, and go with classics like “TeqIf there are kids attending the party, a candy or treat-filled piñata is a must. Heck, even adults like taking a whack at a colorful object now and then! Or set up a “Fiesta Foto Booth” with sombreros and ponchos as props for guests to take silly photos and remember the night.

fiesta activities

Images via Moky and Marisa and StudioDIY

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