You of course are the hostess with the mostest, but you can’t be expected to throw every holiday soiree, right? You’ve no doubt been invited to lots of festive gatherings this year, and party season can seem to stretch on forever! You want to be a good guest and bring a nice little something to show your host or hostess your appreciation, but with so much on your calendar, your gift budget is shrinking! These hostess gifts are great ways to say “thank you” without breaking the bank. Plus, if you give a great gift, you may just get one in return!


You can really never go wrong with a bottle of wine. With a huge range of options, you can find a nice bottle at a reasonable price and still have the gift be liked. If you’re feeling extra festive, choose a bottle of something sparkly!


Food gifts are easy and usually well-liked, but be mindful of the massive amount of food that is created and consumed around this time of year. If you know your host or hostess loves chocolate, a box of yummy bites may take their mind off the party tasks at hand. Or, choose a popular food tray that your hostess can put on her table – one less thing for her to cook!

DIY Food

Food you make yourself always tastes better. Whip up a batch of your favorite cookies or bars to share and take them with you to the party. You can also put all the necessary ingredients of a favorite recipe into a jar or container and gift that along with a recipe card for the host to make later – maybe after the holidays.

For the Baker

If your friend loves to bake, a pretty new apron or fun seasonal kitchen tool does just the trick.

For the Coffee Lover

There are endless possibilities when it comes to gifts for coffee lovers! Choose something as simple as a gift card to their favorite coffee house, or surprise them with a bag of beans from your recent vacation.

For the Yogi

A holiday party hosted by a yogi is one of candles, incense and lots of inclusive hugs. Give your host a gift certificate for a yoga class at a local studio, or give them a batch of your homemade granola for a special treat from the heart.

For the Outdoorsy Host

People who love the outdoors like to be prepared. A new water bottle stuffed with trail-ready snacks will have them pumped to hit the road once the snow clears.

For the Fashionista

Even if you aren’t able to give your fashionable friend an expensive gift, you can still delight her with a thoughtful present. Head to your local mall or department store and gather lots of sample goodies from the makeup and fragrance counters. Then purchase a small piece of costume jewelry or other accessory you know she’ll like, and wrap the samples and the gift together for a full-on holiday surprise!

For the Bartender

If your host loves to make everyone a trendy craft cocktail, a bottle of bitters or unique spirit may be just the ticket to another invitation to his next cocktail party!

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