Oh, if only wedding days went as smoothly as we hoped. More importantly, how we planned for them to. No matter how much energy and effort you put into having a fairy tale day, the reality check is that sometimes unexpected/undesired things transpire. The best way to get a handle on these types of things is to prepare—beforehand.

Although there’s not enough room to address every last-minute wedding day emergency there is, here’s a list of eight things that tend to happen often. Knowing about what to do on the front end can keep you from stressing out should any of these arise. That alone can give you the peace of mind that you need.

You Wake Up Sick

It really is important to be very cautious about your health 10-14 days leading up to your wedding. This includes eating right, exercising, staying hydrated, taking some Vitamin C, getting plenty of rest and unapologetically keeping your distance from sick people. But if you do happen to feel the symptoms of a cold coming on and/or you wake up on your special day with a headache, stuffy nose and/or sore throat, there are a few things you should do. First, steam your face to break up the congestion. Get someone to run to the store for you and pick up some ginger tea. It will tame some of the mucus and soothe your stomach if you happen to have any post-nasal dripping going on; it also helps to remove headache tension. Dab a couple of drops of diluted peppermint oil and rub it on your chest and put it at the tip of each nostril; that will make it easier to breathe. And use some eye drops. It will keep them from feeling dry and looking irritated.

Your Dress Tears

You most definitely need a sewing kit on your wedding day, just in case something happens to your dress or someone in your wedding party. But if you really want to cover all of your basis, ask a seamstress that you personally know if they’d be willing to “gift their time” by being at the place where you’ll be getting dressed for your wedding. That way, if there is a mishap, a professional is around to handle it. Otherwise, if the rip is in the back, try and use your veil to camouflage it. If it’s in the front, get creative with how you carry your bouquet.

Vendors Are Running Late

There should be absolutely no reason for any vendor to run late. But one way to handle this potential issue is to put in your contract that there will be a percentage taken off for lateness. Also, ask your wedding planner to handle all vendor issues. It’ll be one less thing for you to worry about.

Guests Are Lost

People get lost sometimes. It’s a fact of life. If you have some guests who have no idea where they’re going, rather than them calling you, designate a few people who can be a point of contact. You can put the numbers in the invite or even post it on your site. Just make sure to take the numbers down the next day so that everyone can get their privacy back.

Real wedding of San Diego couple Kate & Ryan, set in a beautiful oceanside venue in Carpinteria, California.

Image via Exquisite Weddings Magazine

Your Officiant Is MIA

Whomever you want to be your officiant for your ceremony is a significant part of the day. But if for some reason they can’t make it and you find out less than 48 hours before your wedding, one way that you can avoid stressing out is asking someone who is licensed to marry couples (in your state) if they’d be willing to be on call. It might sound tacky on the front end, but it’s not. Especially if you invite them to do something else (like maybe say a prayer or recite a poem, etc.) at the wedding regardless of what else happens. Or doesn’t.

Too Many Children Show Up

Even if you personally asked for no children to be at your wedding, rarely do ALL GUESTS honor those kinds of requests. Prepare yourself beforehand by having a couple of “kiddie tables” at your reception and then hire a few teenagers to help to keep the kiddie piece. They’ll like making some extra money and the parents will enjoy not having to watch their kids like a hawk the entire time.

Your Cake Gets Destroyed

A big trend right now is actually forgoing wedding cakes altogether. That said, if you can’t imagine having a reception without a cake, order the main one, a smaller one (for you and yours to cut and eat for pictures) and also have something like a donut or cupcake tier. That way, if something does happen to happen to the first cake, you’re covered without spending a ton of money for your back-up plan.

You’re Overbudget

You probably used at least a couple of credit cards to the max already. But during the wedding planning process, try and stow away one card that’s ONLY for your wedding day. If a vendor is underpaid, your parents need a rental or some other kind of financial drama happens, you can take care of the expense and not worry about it haunting you later in the form of a few bills. Whew! The less financial stress, the better.