Can you BELIEVE it? Yeah, we can’t either! In just a few weeks, fall will be upon us. Cooler weather, bright-colored leaves and so many other reminders of why October is one of the most popular months for weddings.

Are you currently in the process of putting a fall wedding together? If you are and you want to incorporate at least a couple of trends, we have a few that might tickle your fancy. Ones that have “autumn love” and “big time celebration” written all over them!

Cocktail Hour BEFORE the Wedding

With clever names and seasonal flavors, these cocktail recipes might just be the personal touch you and your groom have been looking for.

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Typically, cocktail hour is a way to either “distract” your guests while you’re taking pictures or it’s a way to thank certain ones who aren’t invited to your reception for coming. But nothing says that’s the only time you can put cocktail hour to use. A fun approach is to have cocktail hour actually before your wedding ceremony. Not so much liquor that folks are tipsy (probably go with a mixed drink rather than hard liquor), but just enough to where everyone is feeling even better about the nuptials that are about to happen. As a bonus, if you mention this on an insert card in your invitations, it’s an incentive for people to come on time; early even.

Super Low Necklines

Sexy wedding gown with plunging neckline and sleeves // BERTA's Fall/Winter 2017 bridal collection is sending us to #weddinggown heaven with its showstopping silhouettes matched beautifully with 3D flowers, lace appliques and rich embellishments.

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Actually, as fall weddings go, the appropriate word here is plunging necklines: the lower the better. We like these most on a bride who has a smaller bust line and wants to have a formal wedding. But of course, it’s totally up to you how you want to make this particular wedding day fashion trend work.

The Color Yellow

Simple home decor idea - styrofoam ball, hot glue, and any flower you choose!

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You would think that fall would bring nothing but darker and richer colors but this year, that is simply not the case. Yellow is trending BIG TIME for this autumn season from bridesmaids and flower girl dresses to décor like the sunflowers that you see in the feature picture.

Or Plum

Perfectly Plum Tutu Dress  1824m 2t 3t or 4t by littledreamersinc, $70.00

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Or if you do want to go with something more traditional, plum is a beautiful hue that looks so royal and beautiful on basically any skin tone. It’s also the kind of color that works well with both men and women’s attire.

Berry Accents

Burgundy is a fantastic color for fall and winter weddings, so if you’ve chosen it – enjoy our roundup! Dress your bridesmaids in burgundy, they’ll look so contrasting with you in white! Add a couple of dark red...

Image via HappyWedd

What do we mean by “berry accents”? Literal berries! Take winter berries, for example. They are a fall berry that provides a wonderful visual affect to bouquets and centerpieces.

Smaller Wedding Cakes

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Something else that a lot of couples are planning to do at their fall weddings is downsizing their wedding cake. Not only does it save money, but in many ways, this can be really practical too. Rather than spending a ton so that all of your guests can have a slice of cake, go with something creative like miniature warm chocolate chip cookies and milk or cupcakes and hot cocoa. They’ll love it!

This would be perfect for a Winter Wedding coffee or hot chocolate bar set up!

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No wedding reception is fully complete without some sort of bar. This fall, barista bars are all the rage. Who doesn’t like a nice cup of coffee on a chilly day? Especially if your guests can look to the left or right of the bar and see the next thing.

Donut Walls

Check out this amazing photo I found on PartySlate.

Image via Party Slate

A donut wall is basically how it sounds. Everyone likes donuts, so if you have someone put them in the oven for just a couple of minutes right before stacking them on the wall, they will be that much more delightful. Provide some glazed and cake ones of different flavors. For donuts, you won’t need much more than that.

Image Mapping

Hot Wedding Trends for 2017 |  This is called image mapping. . Image mapping is a projection technology that allows you to transform a space with lighting and moving pictures. You can change scenes too, giving your ceremony and reception each its own special vibe

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Do you wish that your guests could feel like they’re in the woods or a forest? You don’t have to spend tons of money on fake trees and greenery. Look into taking the image mapping route instead. It’s like the 3D effect of pretty much any image you want on the walls of your wedding or, even better, your reception. Your guests will be talking about this fall wedding trend for years to come.

Personalized Signage

Modern calligraphy wedding Instagram hashtag sign idea - "Help us Capture the Love" - rustic chic calligraphy sign {Lovers of Love Photography}

Image via WeddingWire

One more thing. Personalized signage. These are cute if you want a sign to direct your guests to where you want them to go for your reception, to designate reception bar tables or even to point people to the table where they can put their gifts. If you know someone with amazing handwriting who knows how to personalize signs themselves, ask them if they’d be willing to make a couple of them as gifts for you. Otherwise, Etsy has plenty of vendors who can customize your request. Just in time for your fall wedding!