Although weddings tend to get the most attention, we think that anniversaries are just as special. The wedding day marks the beginning of your journey with the one you love. But each anniversary commemorates growth, discovery and most of all, commitment. Anniversaries are a reminder that love is a choice, most of all. And this year, just like on your wedding day, the two of you chose one another. Not just for better or worse, but through it.

So, of course, it deserves to be celebrated! But if your bank account doesn’t reflect that you have enough money to take a second honeymoon (or relive your first one), that doesn’t mean the day can’t still be special. We’ve actually got a few ideas on how you can enjoy the day with lots of love, tons and sentiment and some sexy fun!

Document with balloons and pictures for the past year

This idea could work for so many different types of parties. Balloons and pictures - two of my favorite things!:

Image via Apartment Therapy

A lot of magic went down in your bedroom this past year, right? Make it a festive space by picking up some helium balloons and tying pictures of things the two of you did together from your wedding day up until this point. Make sure to take a photograph of the end result. That can be a picture you use for next year!

Frame a love note

First anniversary (paper)... I made this for Phil and he LOVED it!!!:

Image via just make stuff

Something that’s very sweet, romantic and cheap is to pen a letter to your spouse and frame it. It’s a perfect gift for their office or the nightstand on their side of the bed.

Create a “toast basket”

A year of firsts! Great bridal shower present:

Image via Indulgy

Whatever your favorite wines, champagnes or sparkling ciders are, grab a up a few, along with some blank labels and create some new firsts. It could be your first home or first time you’ve had overnight guests or first major purchase together. The key is to put you both in the mood of celebrating things together—all year long.

Begin a marriage bucket list

Our Bucket List. · Paper Anniversary Journal · Wedding Anniversary Keepsake · Love Diary

Image via Transient Books

You can go just about anywhere to find a blank journal for less than $10-15. Designate it to be your marriage bucket list. Make it a tradition that each year, you’ll write down at least five things that you want to accomplish as a couple and that you’ll cross them off in time for the next anniversary (where you’ll write five more).

Turn your wedding picture into art

Website that allows you to turn your picture into words. Cute idea, for home or as a gift! First song lyrics:

Image via WordFoto

How cool is this? Apple has an app that will help you to turn your wedding picture (or any picture, really) into a photo made out of words. It’s a great way to merge your photo with your wedding vows, don’t you think? (Go to WordFoto for more info.)

Do a new photo shoot

This adorable couple didn't have a big wedding, so on their first year anniversary they celebrated with a photo shoot across Toronto.:

Image via Wedding Gawker

It’s pretty common for couples to open up their wedding album and reminisce. But as your relationship is evolving, it’s a good idea to take pictures of what that represents too. Another cool tradition? Schedule a photo shoot each anniversary. It doesn’t have to be super elaborate. Just a picture that marks the day that you can frame. You might look up and have an entire “anniversary wall” in a few years. Beautiful.

Start a new tradition

cheap bed and breakfast:

Image via Redbook Magazine

If you went overseas or someplace expensive for your honeymoon, it’s understandable that you might not be able to take another trip there this year. Do something else like select a hotel in town or a bed and breakfast up the road. That can be the place you visit each year. You can revisit your honeymoon spot on milestone anniversary years instead.

Break out the wedding night lingerie

This romantic lingerie set by brand @forloveandlemons will be available next week! Stay tuned and happy shopping ✨ #nakdfashion:

Image via Instagram

Some people break out a piece of wedding cake on their anniversary. Put a twist on that by breaking out your wedding night lingerie instead. It will take him back to the very moment he looked at you in it—and all of the feelings he felt.

Start a “sex pot”

The couple will add a quarter (or whatever change they have) every time they "do the deed" during their first year of marriage. Whatever money they have at the time of their anniversary,:

Image via

We LOVE creative ideas like this one! The message on the bowl pretty much says it all. For every time you “spend quality time” together, put a dollar or two in the bowl. By this time next year, you should have enough money to do something extra-special. It’s both an incentive and a reward-on-top-of-a-reward all in one!

Get a keepsake ornament

Fall in Love Personalized Ornament: Oak Leaf; Wedding/Engagement/Anniversary/Engraved/Christmas by WoodBeeLove on Etsy

Image via Etsy

The best Christmas trees are the ones that have several ornaments that tell the story of the people who own it. Handmade ornaments, especially. Take an hour or so out to make an ornament that you can put in a box and then use this coming holiday season. It will bring a smile to your face every time you look at it and say “We did this on our anniversary—together.” (For tips on how to create your own ornaments, click here.) Happy Anniversary!